Step by Step

What separates CrossFit Jungle Gym from anywhere else? One of the main things is that we give you step-by-step guidance right from the very beginning and that continues for every single day that you are a member here.

We’re not going to overload you with too much stuff to do. We’re not going to try and wow you just with how awesome we are. What we’re going to do is make things super simple. Our background is behavior change and it’s just making the one step in the right direction each day over the course of the long haul. That’s how you’re going to get where you want to go.

I know what we do is we keep it really simple is we use our our background, our knowledge and our experience to narrow it down to the one thing that you need to do today. The one thing to make the difference in your life.

It starts with coming in for a no sweat intro making sure that your goals and our programs line up. Making sure they’re going to be a good fit for you and if they’re not… we’re going tell you to you “go search out another facility” and we feels totally comfortable doing that because we want you to have an awesome experience regardless of with us. But if you want step-by-step guidance we’re going to recommend what we have the offer because we are better than anybody at giving you the step-by-step actions to get where you want to go.

You’ll come to our no sweat intro, tell us what your goals are and we’re going to be able to assess:

  • how much accountability you need
  • how much knowledge you need to pick up
  • how often you’re going to need to come
  • whether you’re gonna need to change nutrition or not

It all starts in the NSI. We learn everything that we need to know about you. Obviously we continue to learn more by the time you get through your First 60 day program. What’s ends up happening is we have even more information on how we can help you best and we’re going to continue to make the best possible recommendations. When you finish the First 60 Days you’re going to have a goal-setting session every 90 days. Most people have one-on-one time with the coach on a regular basis whether it’s every week, every day or every single session you’ll get step by step actions to get better! You may go to another gym and they may have coaches and they may tell you one thing to do that da ybut it’s not the most important thing. What we can do here at CrossFit Jungle Gym is pick out the most important action for you to do today. Then we take action on it and we can do that in an objective way.

It starts with your goals and we’re working towards those goals with actions and it helps us help you decide what actions are appropriate to help you get where you want to go! That is the CrossFit Jungle Gym difference… step by step action to get where you want to go! Not just where our program is going but where you want to go!

If you want to get started because you’ve been stuck, struggling, not getting where you want to go with your fitness and you think you need step by step guidance

This is the place and there’s no doubt about it


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