Packing a “CrossFit Gym Bag”

So if you sent your list to Santa from Coach Eric: then maybe you at least got a Gym Bag.  If you didn’t get a gym bag, most people typically have some type of backpack, bag etc., around the house.   


Now what do you put in it??? 


Let’s start with some simple things… 

Extra shirt – nothing worse than having a soaking wet sweaty shirt to drive home in.  In the summer you get your car seat messed up, in the winter you can’t break the chill.  A quick change makes a huge difference.   


Long socks/shin protection – So whether it’s time time to climb a rope, or do box jumps, you might need some leg protection.  If you don’t look at the WOD ahead of time you might not know you need them, and then it’s too late once you’re in the door. 


Deodorant – Nothing worse than realizing, I forgot, or it’s been over 8 hours since I put some on…time for another dose. 


Towel – Sometimes just a small towel to wipe your hands or head to get rid of that perspiration.   


Water bottle – Well you will probably get thirsty, so hopefully it’s full, if not we do have a sink. 


Stepping up the game a bit with these items… 


Jump rope – Having that same exact rope every time you jump can be a major game changer moving towards your first double under, or stringing a bunch together.   


Other shoes – Most come in wearing some type of multi-purpose shoe, which handles all things CrossFit.  But how about those days when it’s pure lifting or running.  That other pair of shoes might be the difference maker. 


Grips – Don’t want to rip your grip?  Add a set of grips to your bag for those days when the volume on the bar (pull ups, toes to bar, etc.) is going up a bit and you want some added protection. 


Of course you can also add in all other kinds of stuff… 

Protein bar, shaker bottle with protein powder, wrist wraps, knee sleeves, weight belt, etc… the list could go on and on… 
But these are some of the basics.  Above all the biggest thing to remember, is to bring your bag with you each day and bring it into the gym.  Also, when you leave to make sure you take out the dirty socks, shirts, towels, etc., otherwise the next time you open the bag you might see stars.   

James Grbac, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Head CrossFit Teens Coach


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