Building the House: Macro nutrients and your goals

Published January 12, 2016

Building the House: Macronutrients and Your Goals

Nutrition is the foundation of improving health and fitness. Without proper nutrition you physical capabilities will be limited. There is many different ways to define "quality" food. In this discussion we will forego the discussion about quality and start with a simple way to improve without even changing the types of food you are eating.


Proteins are the building supplies needed for a sturdy well put together home. Bricks, boards and shingles are all necessary and in proper amounts. Proteins come from animal products generally and should be eaten in some quantity at every meal.


Carbohydrates are the building professionals. They help put the supplies where they need to go. The better the worker the more precise the home is built(meaning the hardwood floor doesnt end up on the roof or the shingles in the basement). If you don't have enough the house will take too long to be built. If theres too many then there will be a lot of builders hanging around doing nothing. Carbohydrates should be comprised of fruits and vegetables and should be eaten at every meal.


Fats are the fence around the yard and the stop lights in the surrounding area. They help protect the house from getting run over or from any damage happening too quickly. Fats are generally comprised of nuts, seeds and oils and should be eaten in small(relative to the volume of space protein and carbohydrate will take up) amounts at every meal.


The Seesaw

we want to balance protein and carbohydrate in a way that they don't affect the productivity at the worksite. Tons of supplies and no workers doesn't help the home get built. Eat them in even quantities and we will be more productive. Learn more about macronutrients and how to balance them!


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