Nutrition: Can I eat this?

Nutrition can not be overlooked in a persons health, fitness and performance. There are thousands of ways to eat and find success through nutrition. No matter which way we talk about nutrition everyone asks: Can I have ___________? Is _____________ good or bad?

The right question is: Should I have _______? and Is ________ going to improve my performance/weight loss/health? When you ask these questions it’s an instant statement about your goals and seriousness about them. It’s even more impressive when you can ask, answer and execute the correct answer YOURSELF. That’s where we are trying to get to. Independence from others, the ability to see you are in control of your own decisions. Aside from asking the right questions now to answer the common ones.

Can you have __________. Yes, you are a grown adult in a free country you may have whatever you would like. Is _________ good or bad: that question can not be answered without having a standard to measure against. There are many standards about quality of food: paleo, glycemic index, organic etc. But in reality not one of those is all encompassing. Your diet/nutrition is can not be simplified down to one food item for scrutiny, it is the sum of all food items, their quanities over days, weeks, months and years. A ray of sunshine is good right? How about 6 hours worth? A gust of wind isn’t so bad… until it blows for 3 days straight at 100mph. Rain helps plants grow, but 10 inches over the course of an hour might reshape some landscapes pretty quickly. Just like weather a food item can not be summed up in one serving size.

Donuts, fine. Ice cream, fine. Broccoli, fine. Steak, fine. Have what you may but just like CrossFit’s exercise prescription constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity. So your your nutrition be constantly varied, natural foods eaten with high precision.

No food itself is bad, but some foods by themselves are.






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