My Favorite Thing to See in an Athlete… or Person

My favorite people to train with, train, compete with, associate with, meet, introduce to others, hang out with all have something in common… they feel PERSONAL RESPONSIBLITY. They feel it about everything, not just one thing… but everything.

If my relationship fails, it was my fault. If I didn’t get the promotion, it was my fault. If I don’t make it to the major leagues, it is my fault. People who have personal responsiblity don’t make excuses for their shortcomings, they learn them and learn from them to get what and where they want. Be it weight loss, be it the CrossFit Games, be it a marriage that lasts 10 years… you name it people who have personal responsibility will get better, not sometimes either… all the time, constantly.

The desire to grow is an absolute requirement for success. We get to train it here at Jungle Gym daily, show up and eat well, we’ll get you where you want to go. If you don’t… you might get there or you may never. I enjoy training people who accept their results whatever they may be. There’s no excuses… they show up and do what they need to do, WHAT THEY CAN.

Personal responsibility includes not expecting more than what you deserve too. "I trained hard for a week, I should lose 10 lbs."… that’s unrealistic, a hard weeks training and eating earns you about 1.5lbs if you had 20lbs to lose. Suck it up a little now, you earn everything in life through habits. The first habit you need to start concerning yourself with is personal responsiblity. Start with what you CAN do, not with anything else. You may learn it’s going to be hard, take a long time, but that sense of I earned it is far greater than whatever it is you actually want.

People who desire to earn, who are motivated to do what they can instead of make an excuse or find a reason they can’t are the people I want to be around. They want to GROW, they want to SUCCEED, they want to be POSITIVE, they are willing to LISTEN, they are willing to SUFFER all just to achieve. That’s the most valuable lesson training can give you… you can achieve. These people don’t look at a single decision they can make and leave it to fate or someone else to decide, they do the tough thing that is going to take them where they want. EVERY TIME. Each step they take towards the tough thing, whats going to help them succeed they are another step further from failure… how many steps do you have to take before you’re on your way to succes. ONE! Then you take ONE more. Then another ONE. Then you have momentum. Then you take another ONE but faster, then faster, then faster and there is no stopping you.


Grow your personal responsiblity one decision at a time, recognize your success, let the momentum build then move on to your next single step. Make your decisions and live be able to live with them. ONE at a time.


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