My current actions become what future

My current actions become what future? Society has ingrained in our minds that weight is important. Somehow “we know” if we are getting fitter or closer to a body transformation if the number on the scale is going down. Is the scale really the most important thing? Are we taking the actions that put us on the right track for the future we want?

Measure current actions

Here at CFJG, we are all about ditching the scale as our sole measurement. Instead we take biometric measures for additional data points and to help us speak the language that most relate to when thinking about improving their health. Weight however carries less value to us in the grand scheme of better your overall health. Don’t get me wrong, since it matters to you, it matters to us. But we never zone in solely on this number.

In our experience, the number on the scale is the most common number that people reference when trying to gauge their current level of health. Striving to add 10lbs to a deadlift, cutting time off your 1 mile run, or getting a strict pull up sounds awesome. But many who are starting with us may not be able to see how improving physical performance translates to improved biometric measures.

If you’ve been with us for awhile now, we hope we’ve convinced you to chase performance and trust in us that by doing so you will be healthier. A better version of your former self.

Base for the future

We use the Theoretical Hierarchy of Training Development to help guide our athletes to success. This model helps us analyze our members shortcomings or more positively put, areas for improvement.

When you’re looking to get fitter or change any of your biomarkers we recommend you consult the hierarchy first! This will direct you the right current actions that become what future you’d like to have. Those actions will give you the most bang for the buck. Ask yourself, how strong is my base (nutrition)? If you haven’t fine tuned your nutrition yet the good news is you have a ton of potential! May you have done some fine tuning, but it hasn’t stuck. I think we can all admit that our nutrition could be better. The good news is, since nurition is the base, it only takes small changes to start seeing the rewards.

Many people come to us and they tell us of a variety of different nutrition plans they have tried and WORKED. Only for a short period of time though. The probelm is whatever these plans asked of them was management in the moment. Not over the long haul. We’ve run nutrition challenges in the past and the results have been amazing! Each time around we are shooting for the same amazing results and improve our guidance to get long lasting results. Our nutrition challenge has a goal… to make changes that feel less like a diet and more like a new simple lifestyle.

Create the actions

Your task for the rest of this week… is get real with yourself and your food. Journal your nutrition habits… WRITE IT DOWN. At the end of the week ask yourself…

  1. My current actions become what future? What does my future look like if I continue eating exactly how I am today?
  2. Am I ready to make a change?
  3. If the answer is yes… book a Nutrition Intro session.

Our Nutrition Program and our Nutrition Challenge aren’t anything crazy or cold turkey type of programs. They are programs built on progression. Programs we can confidently and easily promote as life changing.

Realize the future

If you’re ready to make changes, we are ready to hold you accountable!


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