Kristen : “I’m in the groove and I’m really enjoying this and really starting to push myself”

CrossFit Jungle Gym athlete Kristen talked with Coach James about her progress over the last 90 days.

Introduce Yourself

Hey my name is Kristen Simms and I have been a member here at CrossFit Jungle Gym since the end of August.

Tell us a little about your success over the last 90 days

“So as I was just telling James, I’m really starting to feel a part of the community here. The community was very welcoming coming in the beginning but making a routine out of it and coming consistently, making connections with being able to talk about workouts with people. Learning and making new friends with the nutrition challenge. This 90 days has really blossomed into a significant portion of my life which is really exciting.”

What was a recent sign of progress that you thought wow this stuff is really starting to kick in?

“I think when we did some level method stuff two weeks ago and actually putting blue and purple in there, it was really exciting. One of those was Annie, James pushed me to do it RX and I finished at 10:30. That was pretty exciting.”

What is the biggest obstacle we helped you get over these last 90 days?

“It’s mostly mental for me, I tweaked my arm a couple days ago, I missed 2 days, but those two days were like torture because I couldn’t come. I’m in the groove and I’m really enjoying this and really starting to push myself and missing it is really an impact on me so that’s exciting.”

There is another Kristen out there that’s sitting there saying ” I don’t know”, what do you say to her?

“Come! You’re going to get addicted, you’re going to love it and you’re going to see results. I was getting dressed in the mirror this morning put on my sports bra, looked at myself and I was like not too bad, looking a little better these days. Step in the door, come on in and soon it will be a huge part of your life and you’ll kinda wonder why you weren’t doing it in the first place. “


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