CrossFit Teens

CrossFit Teens classes are designed to improve overall fitness. If your child is looking to improve strength, conditioning, endurance, make fitness enjoyable or stay active during a sports off season then the Teens program will the right program for your child. Our CrossFit Teens (ages12-17) classes allow for multiple children (~6 in an average class) to join in workouts together. Athletes will receive valuable feedback from coaches while also enjoying the commraderie of a class setting. Classes are made up of weightlifting, gymnastics and cardio movements in a variety of combinations. Athletes will learn how to squat, press, pull and build base of fitness that will lead to success outside of the gym. Each class is lead by a coach who will guide your child through a warm up, teach the necessary skills for the days workout. Coaches will scale workouts for appropriately for every skill level. Each program is unique to the age group to take advantage of specific stages that will maximize the physical development of your child.

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