“I’d do it again in a heartbeat” Kerri

Kerri completed our 5 week nutrition challenge and decreased her body fat percentage and lost weight. Not only did the challenge help her physically but mentally as well. Kerri has seen improvements in her workouts, recovery and sleeping habits.

Kerri’s Story

After the challenge, Kerri sat down with Coach Vanessa to discuss how the challenge went and her personal experience throughout the 5 weeks.

As the challenge is wrapping up, how are you feeling?

I feel great, I feel that this challenge has installed some really great habits for me.  I don’t think that I would be at this place without the challenge but it’s definitely going to help me going forward.

What’s something that’s happened over the last 5 weeks that has been going better for you?

I’m sleeping much better.  I always, over the last few years, have had terrible sleeping.  I’m sleeping soundly, it’s great. I don’t wake up as much at night. I don’t feel puffy anymore.

Do you feel that what you’ve learned here over the last 5 weeks is something you will be able to continue?

Yes. There’s never anything that’s been off limit. We’ve just been able to if you feel like having this(meal/snack), make an adjustment somewhere else.  And that’s true to life. I like that we didn’t cut anything out.  It wasn’t a no carb or only eat high fat. It’s more of a life change.


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