“I just needed that reset button to get back on track” Jackie

Jackie completed the 5 week nutrition challenge to help keep her accountable and was able to lose weight, feel stronger and have increased endurance with her workouts.

Jackie’s Nutrition Story

At the end of the nutrition challenge Jackie spoke with Coach Vanessa about her experience.

Outside of what the In-Body Scan shows are you experiencing improvements in other areas?

“One of the reasons I wanted to continue my journey in weight loss is so that I can perform better when I’m working out. I know that I do more strict pull ups. I can move faster.”

Do you feel that you can continue sustaining this after these 5 weeks?

“Yeah. I can have the foods that I enjoy without feeling guilty. Making sure it’s always portion control. For me it’s easy. I just needed that reset button to get back on track.”

On a scale of 1-10 how satisfied are you with your results and your experience with this nutrition challenge?

“A huge 10+”


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