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“It’s very easy to follow the plan” Chris Quigley

Chris recently completed our five week nutrition challenge where he lost 14.3 lbs, decreased his body fat by 2.6% and lost 6.75 inches. When asked what his favorite part of the challenge was Chris stated “the amount of food that you actually get to eat.”

Introduce Yourself

“Hi I’m Chris Quigley, I’ve been a member of CrossFit Jungle Gym for about two and a half years and I just went through my second nutrition challenge.”

What made you sign up?

“Because last year, I really let the discipline go with my nutrition, a little bit with my fitness too, but especially with the nutrition. During Covid and quarantine and kind of using all of that as an excuse to not keep the nutrition dialed in. So I felt like I needed something to help me get started again.”

Tell us a little bit about your success over the last five weeks

“I was really happy, I lost over just over 14 lbs which I really wasn’t expecting. I thought it would be maybe 7 or 8 pounds, to get the 14lbs, I was really excited by that. I’m under 200 lbs again.”

What was the first sign of progress

“To me, I could feel myself not as bloated almost immediately. I could feel it, I don’t know if I was necessarily weighing myself to see it on the scale, and to some degree I could see it in my face. That first week or two just eating clean and being more disciplined with the food – I could feel the differences very quickly.

Was there any results that you got that we wouldn’t notice on paper or in measurements?

“I am finally starting to feel it coming to WODs and to running. I’m doing the run clinic right now. For example, last week our run homework was to run three miles and I did that at like 11:30/11:40 minute pace. This week was to run forty minutes which I did at a 20-30 seconds per mile faster, without stopping and I wasn’t even really thinking about it. That’s a connection between the clinic and being a little bit lighter.”

Everyone faces obstacles when trying to reach new goals, what was the biggest obstacle that we helped you overcome?

“It’s very easy to follow the prescription plan. There is some prep work and shopping that you maybe aren’t used to doing. Otherwise it’s 4 trays a day of basic foods. That makes it really easy to follow and for me to be able to stick to it.”

Any other contributing factors that helped you to be successful?

“We had four people in my house do the challenge and having mutliple people in the house do the challenge at the same time was really helpful. We all kind of watched each other and encouraged each other and helped keep each other accountable.”

Would you recommend if somebody does this challenge in the future to get their whole family to do it?

“Get as many people in your family as you can, it always helps to have that other person. Even just to prep food with, shop with or talk about the challenge with.”

Is there anything that you would want to share with someone sitting at home that was maybe sitting in the same shoes as you?

“Just get started. Just take those first steps. Come in and if you start a program like this, it’s very simple to follow. You will be surprised by the amount of food you can eat. The protein portion is very generous. You do that and eat that tray prescription and you’re definitely not hungry. You have cravings but your not truly hungry.”

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