Finding Intent in your Actions Daily

The intent of an action…

The intent of an action is more important than the action itself.

  • Your physical fitness goals come down to your ability to be consistent
  • Your ability to be consistent comes down to intent
  • Having an intent takes a deliberate decision

When was the last time YOU made a “this or that” decision about your fitness and picked “this” to make sure you stayed on track for your long term fitness goals? If it wasn’t within the last 24 hours you’re likely in your own way. In steps a coach…

So I ask you today… Why do you train?

Are you really training for weight loss? For strength gain? For your sanity? For confidence? For mental toughness?

Most people begin working out for a physical benefit… in fact in all the free No Sweat Intros we’ve done I don’t ever recall someone telling me when asked “What can we do for you?” were they were looking for a mental benefit, but after about 4 “why would you want to do that?” “why is that important to you?” … nearly every person cited a single specific mental benefit was actually what they were after. This is where intent begins…

Your intent immensely important to your coach for many reasons

  • Your coach loves you (they really do), and they want to help you succeed. If they know your big intent they will be able to adjust, plan, optimize and help you automate the habits and daily efforts that are necessary for you to achieve success.
  • Intent sets the tone for every single interaction… if you are here to lose weight (we have the tools to do that) but if you’re here for the confidence you believe weight loss will give you, we will coach you differently… better, in a way that helps you achieve confidence likely before your INSERT YOUR GOAL HERE is met.
  • Getting to “why”… the overarching purpose and direction of training is obviously important because we must continue to make steps forward toward large goals… it is through consistent daily action we travel long distances. However on any given day the best way to move a couple steps forward might be different, it might just be staying on the path, it might mean just showing up to move, it might be a positive interaction with a coach or a classmate, it might be a getting the stress of the day off your back by putting a bar on it. We are committed to helping you stay on the path, that’s what a coach does.

Why are you training today? The Daily Why

What do you need to move forward today? The answer is actually the only thing that matters in a given training session. Some days you’re: stressed out, over worked, full of energy, beyond excited, incredibly fatigued, sore, haven’t eaten all day, etc. There are 1000’s or more variables that will affect how you need to train today. Enter the coach… she analyzes all of the major variables, reads them off your body language, sees them in your movement, notices your receptiveness to coaching… your coach reads you and adjusts their style to you EVERY DAY. This is why coaching works… they take all the variables and they decide the intent of the day for you. No, not some arbitrary decision… but based on information they collect from you. If your primary goal is weight loss and you have 100lbs to lose, does it matter if you hit this workout with 105% intensity? Well yes it does… if you over do it and can’t workout tomorrow or the next 3 days you will be derailed. Where as if you go at 80% everyday you can come back tomorrow and win a little bit everyday. In health every detail matters… but a coach will make sure you get done the one that matters most.

Are you training for maximum physical benefit?

Are you training for maximum mental benefit?

How does this fit with your long term progression?

Is adding 20lbs to the bar serving any of these?

Is going 20lbs lighter serving any of these?

Your coach helps or dictates a lot of these decisions so that you can focus on what you need to do… you can be your own coach but even the most successful people in every realm of life have mentors and coaches.

If you were your own coach…

What are you going to get out of your training today?

Brian Zimmerman

Owner of CrossFit Jungle Gym


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