Improving your Nutrition

Improving your Nutrition

Nutrition is the surest way to achieve a loss in body fat. Don’t think of how we eat as a diet, we are not looking at changing the way you eat for a period of time, we are committing to change over a lifetime.

Start with making a conscious decision to eat a little more healthy each week. Again we are not going from 0-60 we just need to improve a little each day. So start by trying to eat one more food a day from the Paleo list, over time your quality of foods will have improved significantly.

Pay attention to how you are balancing your meals. Every meal should have protein, enough to support your current lean body mass and to help build the extra that you want. Every meal should have enough carbohydrate to support your daily activities, if we can eliminate the extra food we’ll speed up the fat loss even faster! Every meal should contain some natural fat like oils, nuts or seeds. Balancing protein, carbohydrate and fat at each meal is essential for losing body fat!

Keep a food journal and start holding yourself accountable for the food you choose to eat. If you write it down you’ll be able to take notes and try to improve. If you don’t write it down you’ll continue to find excuses for why the body fat isn’t coming off.

Improving your nutrition is going to take a commitment to trying to eat healthier, balancing your macronutrients and keeping a journal of the foods you eat!

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