Improve your physique at any age!

So you want to improve your physique… can you still do that at your age?

The answer is: YES!

In our experiences, all individuals (male or female, ages ranging from 5 – 89 years old) have the ability to improve your physique in some measurable way. Whether you are looking to get stronger, add lean body mass, and/or decrease body fat percentage your age is not a limiting factor.

Evidence of Chris' improved physique as seen by him holding up his old pants that are now way too big
Click on Chris’ photo to learn more about his journey with us! Chris is in his lower 50’s!

Here at CrossFit Jungle Gym we can utilize tools, such as an In-Body Scanner, to provide objective measures that allow us to develop a specific plan to assist you in reaching your goals and improving your physique. We’re not asking you to take our word for it. We will provide data to show you that you are getting Unlimited Gains and not Plateaus and Stagnation! This idea of data driven fitness is not new. It is at the root of what CrossFit, and by extension our training, is all about.

More on this idea in a CrossFit Journal article, “Understanding CrossFit”. Described is the methodology that drives CrossFit.

With coaching there’s no age limit on who can continue to improve. It’s not too late to make a big difference! We’re going to be able to help you improve your physique by adding lean body mass, getting more fit, and reaching your goals!

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