Important of Variance in Training

raining variants today and why it’s important to to bury your training so you have some programs where they just focus on lifting a barbell you know you do your squats or pressing your poles you know do any conditioning work or you just do conditioning work you do long-duration stuff maybe I could triathlete or something I just want to kind of talk about how you should be varying your training so that you become a more well-rounded athlete and how that’s gonna let itself to your specific sport or just improving your quality of life and your fitness in general so like we want to vary the types of movements that we do for example we want to do squats pulls and presses its par to be strong and all those it’s also important to have stam and all those and be able to pass through those range of motion easily and smoothly like you never yet to me everyday activities we want to make sure that we’re varying the length of our workouts like short workouts let’s say under 10 seconds like if I’m doing a heavy lift you know it’s not gonna take me but maybe two or three seconds to finish an entire lift you know and if I’m doing a set maybe it’s ten fifteen seconds and that’s like the heavy effort for the day okay that’s a short duration workout okay long duration workout let’s say we’re running a marathon we’re talking like it’s four hours you know that’s a long long effort okay we should be doing workouts everywhere in between there okay whether it’s a 1 rep max or we looked at heaviest weight do a long-duration workouts where it’s multiple hours in order to be well-rounded in your fitness you should be capable of producing power at all all time frames another way that we vary our training is with types of movements you know indifferent categories like gymnastics movements controlling yourself in space weightlifting movements controlling an external object and then also my instructional movements are like your cardio movements that are repeating the same cycle over and over like rowing or biking or running swimming that sort of thing and it’s important to be good atall those because if have any holes in that like it’s just telling you there’s a hole in your fitness or there’s a hole in your athleticism that’s gonna keep you from performing at your at your Pete so why is it important to do all those different exercises we got to find the weaknesses if you constantly workout just the strength you’re when you when you get to the next level or you’retrying to get to the next level there’s gonna be somebody who’s got all the same talents and abilities that you have plus one and you’re trying to be the person with the plus one or maybe it’s even plus two or three and that’s what’s gonna get you a level beyond that and and ultimately you know finding your weaknesses as they apply to your goal it’s like if my goal is to be a major league baseball player you know maybe I don’t need the long duration as much but it doesn’t mean that I don’t need it some especially when we start to talk about what it means to your health and fitness most important part is that we should be we should be getting our hands on each of these categories regularly so that we know if it’s a weakness and i fit goes too far down the drain that we need to fix it before it becomes a real problem and so the main priority of having that variance is is to find the weaknesses and then prescribe a fix to them so if we can do that you know find the problem is the first thing and then we find a prescription to to fix that problem and that’s gonna be a specific program all right it’s like for example a lot of athletes that aren’t you know doing very training they should be doing very training three or four days a week in conjunction with you know two to three days a week of you know sport specific skill or specific programming to work on their weaknesses and obviously that’s going to change depending on how much time you’re able to spend in the gym each each week but ultimately if we don’t know where the weaknesses are we can’t fix and create better athletes any question on the variance in training feel free to shoot me an email or hit me up on the comments of this of this video see you guys soon

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