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“I wasn’t starving… the whole time!” Nicole Bruno

Nicole recently completed our 5 week nutrition challenge where she lost 11 lbs, decreased her body fat by 2.8% and lost 8.5 inches. Nicole stated that her favorite part of the challenge is that she was not starving the entire time, she felt full and satisfied so she wasn’t always looking for a snack. See her full story below!

Why did you sign up for the nutrition challenge?

“My husband and I had a baby in August, our eating has got off track. I needed a reset. January is a really stressful time for work so I figured this was a good time to hold myself accountable.”

“Tell us a little bit about your success over the last 5 weeks”

“I’m really happy with my results. I lost almost 11 lbs, I lost 8.5 inches, I feel great and my clothes are fitting much better. The program was so easy to follow. It wasn’t like it was painful for five weeks or like I was depriving myself. It’s so easy to follow.”

What was the first thing that you noticed that this was working?

“For me, I’m a grazer and I like to graze and eat all day long. Two days into it I was like wow I’m not hungry – this is working. This meal plan is great. It almost felt like too much food in the beginning, but I noticed my clothes were starting to fit looser only a few days into it.”

“Are there any results or successes that we as your coaches wouldn’t know?”

“There is two things, one is, even though this is a really stressful time, I felt much calmer throughout January. January is my first time going back to work after my maternity leave so it really could have been stressful and I felt like I kept my calm throughout. The second thing is I have been getting heartburn a lot. I haven’t taken a heart burn pill since I started this challenge.”

“What was the biggest obstacle that was keeping you from healthy before the challenge?”

“Sometimes you just get on a downward spiral. As soon as you start eating sugar and make an excuse, you get out of control. For me I needed a little more discipline and structure and I didn’t really have that.”

How do you feel like the challenge helped provide that structure?

“I liked the trays – the trays make it really easy to measure. You can basically put anything in the trays, so that makes it really easy. The prescription of three meals with your fat. It made it really easy to follow.”

What were the top contributing factors to you having the success that you had?

“I think that I’m really competitive so that’s number one. Number two is money motivates me which Joe would cringe if he heard me say that. I paid some money to do this challenge, I was like this is going to work so that holds me accountable. Also, I just wasn’t happy with the way I felt and looked.”

Are you satisified with your results?

“Yeah! I’m going to keep going.”

Is there anything that you would say to someone who was in your shoes five weeks ago?

“I was on the fence about signing up for this. I know what to do, I do know how to eat healthy. I definitely learned some new things. While I knew how to eat healthy before, the trays make just make it so idiot proof and it’s so easy. I’m really glad I did it. Like I said, I used to graze all day and eat small meals here and there. Now I just eat three times a day I feel totally full and satisfied – I don’t even have the urge to snack. I’m really glad I did it, I feel like it’s going to help me in the long term.”

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