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How to Lose your Extra Body Fat…

How to lose your extra body fat…

Getting rid of extra body fat is a goal of many Americans and CrossFit Jungle Gym is here to help! Over the coming weeks we are going to outline the changes you should be making in order to shed the extra pounds of body fat that are holding you back from your goals! Your extra body fat may be holding you back from getting more pull ups, running faster or keeping you from going to the beach. We are going to focus on 3 things that are going to make losing that extra body fat simple and improve your fitness!

The first thing we want to achieve is a higher activity level. Doing so is going to expend more of our energy leaving less to become stored as fat, this will help keep us from attaining more fat and begin the process of slimming down. Secondly we are going to want to build more muscle mass. Having more muscle mass is like having a larger engine, it burns more fuel, leaving less to hang around to be stored later. Finally we need to take note of our nutrition and make sure it aligns with our goals of losing body fat and supporting more muscle mass.

Losing your extra body fat by increasing your activity level, building more muscle mass and changing your nutrition will lead to a fitter and healthier you for years to come. You will be able to enjoy more physical activities and reap the benefits of your newly found active lifestyle!

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