How fit am I?

This is a question that we get asked a lot. The first thing we have to do is have a observable, measurable and repeatable definition of fitness. Then we will test you based on that definition in these ways.

Standard 1

We have to test you across 10 General Physical Skills. We want to know not who is best at any one of these general skills but who is the best over all ten skills. If you are lacking in any of these skills we will find you out and it will be counted against you when compared to your cohorts.

Standard 2


The tests shall be random. The unknown and unknowable. We believe that being truly fit means being ready for something you couldn’t have know was coming. Imaging you and nine friends all put to the same task at a moments notice… whoever is most prepared for that task will win. If we were to test another ten tasks it is fair to say that whoever on average performed best at those physical tasks is probably the fittest. We believe in an all around fitness that will lend itself to success in any physical feat.

Standard 3

Metabolic Pathways

Currently there are 3 energy pathways known to man that your body uses to produce movement. Their names are not significant if there were more than three it is also insignficant because we expect that the fittest person is going to be good(better than most of their cohorts) in a variety of time domains from 1 second to 2 hours. Each pathway varies in time alone: 0-10 seconds, 10-120 seconds and 120s-beyond. We will test you with heavy lifts lasting only a couple seconds to an hours long workout, leaving no time domain unturned.


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