How does being the CFJG Kids/Teens Head coach fit into your perfect day?

I was posed this question by CrossFit Jungle Gym Head Coach Brian Zimmerman.  I had been thinking about this for quite some time, had a few thoughts flying through my head, but the few workouts for the kids/teens made me realize something, something beyond a “perfect day”. 

After being away from coaching for the past few months I had the chance to rethink some things, and look at life differently.  I have been given the chance to make someone’s day “perfect”. 


For the kids it’s really about getting them moving, running, jumping and having a good time.  During this time also making them realize that being active is needed, fun, and can keep going into their teens and adult lives.

For the teens, it’s been a bit different.  I am seeing huge improvements from all of them.  But watching them push each other in workouts, seeing them put a bit more weight on the bar, get a first pull up, a first toes to bar, a first moving “this much weight”, etc.  But the real smile comes at the point where I am seeing them now become a group that pushes each other, talks to each other, and seeing friendships emerge.

CrossFit isn’t just about making better athletes, it’s about making better humans.  



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