Truth may hurt but not as much as being lied to…

Honesty… is to give an objective look at something and calling it for what it is. With no prejudice, no judgement. Honesty is required for a relationship of any kind to be mutually beneficial. At CFJG, we get our fulfillment from your success, you gain success through your trust in us. Honesty is the foundation in which we build that trust. You must trust your coaches to take their guidance no matter how great that guidance is, it is useless without its application.

Where does this value come from?

I can remember a very specific event in my life when I learned what broken trust was and how it affected relationships in life. In a sense it was a great moment because of the value it created in me. That moment was when I realized that someone I had trusted more than anyone, had purposefully and selfishly lied to me. I remember how I felt: angry, decieved, lonely, like noone could ever be trusted again. I threw a phone through my dads wall. He was not happy but when he asked why? He only gave me a hug, got a patch and the spackle.

Why does it matter to you?

That feeling of being deceived sits with me everyday… i would never want to feel that way. Especially if it was because of me or of a place that was supposed to promote health and well being. We promise to be honest becasuse we don’t like to be lied to.

Dishonesty brings no good. Honestly will build a strong foundation and community of people who can accomplish anything.


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