Great Nutrition: A Practice in Willpower

Willpower, which is the ability to exert control to resist impulses. Great nutrition for most is not a game of knowledge it is a game of willpower, accountability and environment.

Nutrition is relatively simple… eat lean meats, lots of vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. The practice of great nutrition (the kind that gets you the health and fitness you desire), has many road blocks and obstacles but usually not in the way of knowledge… in the way of lifestyle, environment, willpower and desire.

Willpower is trained… in the case of nutrition it’s pushing off your desires for the sake of your health, weight loss or improved performance. One is an immediate gratification, one is a long wait. We know that consistently making the right choice is difficult. The first step is prolonging the time in between bad choices. So here is the first small step.

Prolong choices checklist

This checklist will serve as your guide to having meals, food items that you know you’d rather not have. So the things we’ll need.

  1. A watch or clock.
  2. A food substitute.
  3. A list of the top 5 reasons why you want to eat better.
  4. Our #1 support person.

Here’s how it works…

Acknowledgement of Thought (10 mins)

When you get to a moment in which you’re feeling weak… Start the timer. You’re going to wait 10 minutes, we’re delaying action. Maybe your mind will decide something else is more important.

Substitution of Poor Choice (10 mins)

At the 10 min mark if you’re still craving grab your substitute… maybe it’s a quality snack, it may be sugar free gum, it might be a cup of coffee. You decide. No other action will be taken until your substitute is complete or 10 minutes (whichever comes first).

Read Your Top 5 List (10 mins)

Then you’ll read your top 5 list, at least once. Read it and think about it… imagine several months from now when you accomplish something off of your top 5 how that will feel. Compare that feeling to the thought of how you’ll feel after eating this crap food. Read the list again if necessary.

Talk to Your #1 (10 mins)

If 10 minutes reflecting on this list hasn’t subsided the craving then it’s time for you #1. Call, text, e-mail or talk to your #1 they will remind you of your goals and that there is great success waiting for you if you can put of your desire!

Success or Guilt Free Enjoyment (10 mins)

If after talking to or not being able to get ahold of your #1 (for 10 minutes)… you are still craving, you’ve put it off for 40 minutes! Have you’re cheat guilt free.

Your New Standard

Now you have a new standard… make it 40 minutes. Each time you run into a craving it’s a chance to set a new personal record for putting it off. It starts small and grows until you’re at days, weeks, months. Progress your willpower just like we progress the snatch, slow and one focus at a time!

Want some help building your list and more accountability? Chat with a coach and learn more!


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