Give more than you take

Give everything you can

Always offer kindness. Give more than you take.

My sister is ten years older than I am. While my mom was working hard as a single parent to support us 5 children, my sister stepped up to help raise us younger siblings. life as a child wasn’t always the easiest, my parents fought a lot, and even more so once they were divorced. Us childrend spent a good deal of time being exposed to the unkind side of our parents (towards each other), unfortunately. Perhpas because of this, kindness mean so much more to us.

As siblings, we all went above and beyond to support each other and just show each other unconditional love. We were taught that this way of interacting, is how we should treat everyone we meet (that everyone deserves kindness). My sister told us to always offer kindness and encouraged selfless acts of giving. whether this was a kind word, a smile or the offer of a helping hand. From a young age i was taught to give, this can really be done at any time with no cost to ourselves. My sister used to always tell us “if you have a sandwich and someone is hungry, offer up the sandwich”. She would then go on to say ” there is no doubt in my mind you’re more than capable of find your next meal, others may not be as resourceful or fortunate”. we learned that giving to other is a way to also give back to ourselves. We know that acts of kindness have been shown to improve our own happiness in addition to the happiness of others.

Why it matters to you

“There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own hear is our temple, the philosophy is kindness”. Dalai Lama. Offering kindness and knowledge to all because that is the humanly thing to do. at CFJG kindness is key, it cost nothing, means everything and is the best facilitator of positivity.



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