Functional Movements

Functional movements utilize multiple joints, are capable of moving large loads, long distances quickly and are found in everyday life.

Why functional movements?

Functional movements are the most effective because they teach joints and musculature to work together in orchestrated fashion just like the actions of your everyday life. This effectiveness is important for individuals looking to lose weight, gain strength, reduce pain by increasing flexibility and those looking to improve sports performance. Functional movements utilize more musculature than isolation movements, thus stimulating a greater adaptation which is more effective. Functional movements are found in everyday life we can overload these and by default make daily living easier, the skills learned while training functional movements are easily transferred to daily living.

Some examples of functional movements

Squatting: Air Squat, Front SquatOverhead Squat

Pressing: Push Up, DipPush Press

Pulling: Deadlift, CleanPull Up


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