Fun in challenge

We should have fun, doing good work.

Take pride in doing the work that you know is good for you…

“If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you”

It sounds cliche and it is. There is truth in this but i like to look at it a little differently. Finding challenge and enjoying the challenge is a core value at CFJG. It isn’t so much that you need to go find challenge, it will find you most of the time. It’s really about looking at a challenge, thinking about what is at the end of overcoming that challenge. Knowing that you will overcome it and enjoy all the tough stuff in the middle. Life is basically a conveyor belt of challenges on a never ending loop, and if you don’t enjoy the challenges you face then you are going to be miserable.

Mr. Winker was the person who brought this out in me. He gave us long assignments in which the grade ultimately rested on his opinon. He would describe to us what a lengthy process it would be to complete such assignments, but with focus, detail, help and guidance we would all complete these assignments to his liking. He gave us a huge challenge, and along the wayhe helped us recognize the little wins along the way. Adding challenge as necessary and being able to make jokes along the way. Successfully completing some of those huge assignments and have somone there helping and making it fun made all the difference.

We want to be your Mr. Winker in fitness. Give you challenge, show you our progress and enjoy the work we put in because we know in the end it’s going to taste sooo good!

Do you enjoy the process of overcoming challenges?


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