The First 60 Days




The CFJG First 60 Days is a comprehensive program proven to change your lifestyle. This program integrates 1-on-1 training, group training, nutrition, accountability and goal setting. The First 60 Days is the ultimate plan for successful change you'll learn the most effective movments, be introduced to intensity, learn important guidelines and concepts that set the table for a lifetime of success.

The best part is you don't need to know anything coming in. Show up in your workout gear ready to learn our coaches will take care of you every step of the way!

The First 60 Days has be developed over years of trial and error and continues to improve every time a new member comes through. We'll meet you at your level and guide you forward toward your goals. We've learned over the years exactly what it takes, physically, mentally and physcologically to help you attain the fitness success you're after!

There is not a single program within 50 miles of CFJG that offers a program as comprehensive and proven as our First 60 days!

Let us guide you through your First 60 Days!

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Sit down with one-on-one with a coach and make the best plan for you!