Finding the Right Fitness Program

The hardest part of getting fit? Finding the Right Fitness Program

Finding the right fitness program to achieve your goals can be a little daunting. Here we breakdown the major points that will help you select a program that fits you and your needs. In an age when time is money finding a program with a proven track record is the most important place to start. Programs that have a good track record likely have systems in place to ensure you: follow the program, recognize your progress, has a feedback loop for continual improvement, knows and identifies what metrics are important to your goals and builds the habits that will help you succeed not just in the short term but also the long run!

Find a fitness program with a proven track record

When finding the right fitness program for you, start first with narrowing the field down to programs that get the results as you want for other people. Has the program got results for somebody else? If you’re interested in in weight loss, find a program that has produced weight loss for others and has a bunch testimonials saying… “I’ve lost 15 pounds in two months”. “I lost 50 pounds over the course of a year and I’ve kept it off”. How do we do that? How does anyone do that? It’s through collecting objective data. here’s your weight on day one. here’s your weight on day 60. here’s your date on day 150. here’s your here’s your weight on day 240. here’s your weight on day 365. If you want a body composition change, it’s what’s your body fat percentage on day one, day sixty, then 150… you just keep on measuring. You’re wondering well, I want to “get stronger” well let’s take some measures. How strong are you now? How much weight can you lift off the floor? That’s called a deadlift. Alright, you lift 100 pounds today, then you lift 150 pounds a month from now. Then hey look 200 pounds and then eventually you lift 500 pounds. Guess what you got stronger. If that’s the metric that you wanted to measure your success by, then you’ve been successful. You define a good program by it’s ability to produce the result that you want to get.

Follow the program

Here’s another secret when finding the right fitness program… DO THE PROGRAM, FULLY! What program should you go do? Go do the one that has got that results for other people. Then, KEY, do ALL the steps that got those people those results. You can’t just sign up for the program and then hope it happens for you. You have to actually DO exactly what the program is. For example, we have had people come into our gym and go “Hey, I want to lose 50 pounds”… cool awesome. “Here’s what you need to do… you need to do this exercise program, and do this nutrition program.” and “Let’s make it happen!” and then there’s guidance all along the way. Here’s the steps that you need to take then you don’t take those steps. Guess what’s going to happen? You’re not going to get the same results as the person who took all the steps that they needed to take!

Seeing, acknowledging and measuring wins…

We’re here is to help guide you through the steps to success. We’ve taken others on the same path you’re at, helped them jump over hurdles so we know what progress looks like. To someone who hasn’t been on the path before a lot of times you can’t see progress or the signs of improvement because you don’t know what to look for yet. So a good coach is going to show you the success that you’re having. Then give you step by step instruction to hit the next milestone. When you get to your big goal it’s a big celebration but we get there by celebrating all those little victories along the way. Then when you get there, we look back at all the little steps that we took along the way.

Starts with success and builds upon it

When a client succeeds, we document it #whatworks. When a client fails we document it #whatdoesnotwork. What works… the system is built or improved for the next person who has the same goal. All we’re doing is going and asking the coaches. “What were the factors that made John Doe successful in losing 50 pounds?” Asking the client “What were obstacles that you were facing that we helped you overcome?”. Then emphasizing and improving those aspects within the program to create better results. I take that same exact plan and now I’m going to go back through it, I’m going to look and look and look and look and look. Here’s where we can make improvements! Here’s where we can make improvements! I think this caused the problem that John ran into. Let’s make a small adjustment and see if when Jane Doe goes through it if we can make this happen a little bit faster. Ultimately, all we want to do is know what your objective goal is. Have we helped somebody accomplish that before? Then we’re going to replicate that same plan. Then we’re refining it to make it make it faster and more effective for you. If you’re looking for a program that produces results, go check out the results! You also want to see that the facility of that program is not only producing results but trying to make them happen faster or make them better. Ask your prospective programs… how has your service improved over the last year, 5 years. Consistent improvement is very important!

Builds habits

What we want to see is that you’re making continual progress towards your goal. It doesn’t necessarily matter whether you hit your goal tomorrow or in three months. If you’re making progress towards your goal then you’re on the right track. A program must build habits if you’re going to get where you want to go AND stay there. Whether or not you’ve reached that end result exactly how you defined it in the beginning is not as important as making the steps that over the course of two years. I mean if you want to lose 50 pounds, lift 200 pounds or get ripped six-pack abs, some of those are really long term goals. If you hope to maintain the goal as the new status quo, it’s not going to be about: what you’re doing today. It’s going to be about what you do consistently over the course of a longer period of time. If you can create the habits that default you to your goals that’s when a program becomes infinitely successful.

The metrics that match your goals

If your problem is you don’t know how to define what a good workout program is, well then you’re at the right place. You should be here because we’ve already defined it. You have one of six goals, we’ve had success getting people to all of those goals. Some metrics are max weights on specific lifts, times on specific workouts, BF%, Sketetal Muscle Mass, Weight, Inches… all depending on your specific goal. Getting 6 Pack abs and toning up your legs have the same metrics and the base program isn’t that different. Start with the plan and refining from there. If the first thing you think about a program is “do I like it” “is it fun” then you’re looking for entertainment not training (which is OK, but not the same thing… ps we make training fun and get results at the same time). What is certainly not fun is never getting results. A great program is going to be more enjoyable because you get to the goals you set. I’m not saying that like you can’t have both you should hopefully have both because it’s going make an enjoyable process. How you define what you want your fitness program, needs to be guiding the program you’re signing up for. Whether you want to lose weight, add this amount of lean body mass, get stronger or being capable of carrying groceries up the stairs… you’ll need to use that as your measure and then measuring your success or failure off from that.

The Right Fitness Program for you

If you don’t have somebody guiding you along the way, you’ll need to be you need to be very scientific about so choosing the right program. Simply find a place that:

  • Has helped other people accomplish what you want to accomplish.
  • Can show you progress every step of the way.
  • Focuses on improving your habits.
  • Can demonstrated continual improvement of their processes.
  • Knows and tracks the metrics important to your goals.

Our First 60 Days and Next 90 Days programs came about through this process. Goal setting, objective measurement, determine obstacles, prescribe the service that meets and exceeds the obstacles you’re facing. The value in this process is IMMENSE! Without it you’re shooting in the dark. This is the way to do it. All the individual details about what you need that are specific to you are navigated with a coach at your side. If the hardest part of getting fit for you is finding the right fitness program. Start by booking a No Sweat Intro with one of our coaches and see if one of our programs will meet your needs. We know the data, we understand your obstacles and we’re experienced in making it happen for people just like you!


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