Experiencing a Fitness Plateau?

A lot of times clients come to me and they’re pretty upset because they feel like they’re experiencing a fitness plateau. When we’re making big change sometimes we can hit plateaus, plateaus can be inevitable. The human body likes homeostasis, the body really likes settling in somewhere it feels comfortable.

Make change

When it comes to plateauing the way to really break through, something has got to change. Even if you’ve made great change: you’ve been eating well, you’ve been exercising… eventually if you continue to do those same things you’re body will find this as the new normal. Even though you feel like you’re still making change. Once you’re doing that routine consistently that’s the new norm. Now in order to see additional change beyond that there needs to be additional change. Do you feel like, “I’ve been eating this way and I’m not getting the results” it means that something needs to change with your eating. When your intake is accurate or supports results then those results will come. If you’re not getting the results you want it means something with your nutrition needs to change.

Opportunity to continue to improve

Next time you plateau I want you to, instead of thinking of it in a negative fashion, really use it as an opportunity to grow. Maybe you’re just cleaning up or redefining some skills that you already have. Perhaps you’re learning new things or learning new skills to apply to your nutrition. Or maybe it’s just an opportunity for us to stop and be grateful. The changes came so easily and you were feeling great and now you’re kind of at a standstill and maybe just making you be grateful for when that change comes again.

Find the limiting factors

If you feel like you’re hitting a plateau you need to know what your limiting factors are and then really figure out how can we eliminate those limiting factors. Finding the lowest hanging fruit that we can work to clean up. If you need help identifying these limiting factors or if you’re not really sure what to change, reach out to one of our coaches. Or leave me a comment here I’d love to help you break through that Plateau.

In order to breakthrough a plateau there needs to be change so even if you’ve made great changes, in order to achieve further results additional changes are often necessary!

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