Introducing CrossFit Jungle Gym's very first Advanced Theory Course!

Published March 25, 2018

Advanced Theory Course


Every time your coach explains the WHY of a certain workout, or movement, your learning curves goes up. I’m confident that some of our members of Jungle Gym know more than some personal trainers out there- go ahead and test that theory if you’d like!

As CrossFit Jungle Gym continues to grow and flourish in Hamilton, we wanted to give an opportunity to a few of our members. While the science to coaching is usually only revealed to coaches, some members want to know more- and we can’t blame them! This stuff is awesome! This brings us to offering the very first Advanced Theory course. This course is open to all members that would like to see the other side of the “Whiteboard”- so to speak. You will learn about programming, CrossFit Science and speaking in front of large groups.


Registration: $215 if accepted, apply here. There are only 6 spots available. Please be prepared to commit every Saturday Morning for 8 weeks (beginning Saturday April 21st) and time for several sessions per week for the 4 weeks. Assigned homework (reading, writing, presentations) will be assigned along some video review. Don’t like public speaking? No problem, but this course probably isn’t for you.


While the Advanced Theory Course is now a prerequisite for future coaches, it’s not the only one.The purpose of the course is to simply shine more light for those who are interested.


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