CFJG Clinic: Gymnastics

Published November 28, 2016

Who: This clinic is for athletes looking to improve their physical strength, awareness and body control on different apparatus.

What: During these one hour clinics athletes will learn gymnastics movements and holds and train to improve strength and vary training in a way that will support continued fitness growth.

When: Tuesdays at 7pm

December 6th: Pull Up

December 13th: Back Tuck

December 20th: Toes to Bar

December 27th: Rings

Coach: Brian Zimmerman

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Pictures from previous sessions:

Athletes working on core and quad strength with L-sit drills.

Here is an athlete being coached through a pullover progression.

Scott is close to acheiving a press to handstand, after training this drill!

During this session we worked on improving strength through full range of motion with deficit push ups and belly button to bar pull ups!

Here Alex is about to take off for a Back Tuck, Coach Brian is there to spot... though he didn't need much!

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