This past year has been so crazy with the Covid situation. We’ve all had to make quick adaptations to the way we go about our daily lives. Working from home, shopping online or curbside pickup, kids doing school at home, all we thought, would be a temporary situation. Now as we roll into fall a lot of these temporary scenarios have become the new normal.

In Crossfit, one of the first things we’re taught is the bracing sequence. It sets us up for good positioning no matter what task we’re undertaking either in the gym or functional activities at home. The same is true for a good desk/computer set up.

With school now being hybrid or virtual, parents have had to set up school in their homes. Because our kids are spending even more time in front of their computers, it’s important that they have the best setup possible in their “home school”.

Here are a few guidelines that will help:


  • The spine should be straight and make a 90 degree angle to their thighs.
  • Their spine should be against the back of the chair
  • Then their knees should be at a right angle to their thighs.
  • Their feet should be resting flat on the floor.

Bad posture at an early age can lead to permanent changes in spinal alignment later in life. Changes in spinal alignment can lead to pain, hunched appearance and can affect balance in walking and running.

A desk that is too high can put a child’s arms in an awkward position. A desk that’s too low can force them to hunch over. The same is true for the chair. If the chair is too high and they can’t rest their feet firmly on the floor, it will put more pressure on the thighs. A chair that’s too low will put too much pressure on their knees. When typing elbows should be at a 90 to 110 degree angle and wrists should be in a neutral position. Arms should be supported to keep strain off the shoulders and neck

Even if you don’t have a perfect setup you can still make adjustments. Putting a book under their feet so they are firmly placed. Putting a book under the laptop to raise it to eye level so they are not continually looking down.

With a good desk setup your kids will bet set for better learning and less at risk for poor posture habits!

By Nancy Shapiro, L1 CrossFit Coach, Masters Athlete


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