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Does your Scale Make you want to crawl under a rock?



You stepped on the scale and it reads “HELP!” or the number equivelent of help… What’s your next move?

There are lots of different actions you could take and the next one you take will be the most important. Most people either… Get motivated or spiral further downward.

The Scale Got Me Motivated Crowd

These folks say “I’m going to rise to the challenge”… “Time to start my meal plan” “I’m going to go workout right now” or some similar action that starts the trend towards their goals. Which is hopefully the boat you’re in, ready for action.

The Scale began/continued the spiral Crowd

These folks say… “I want to crawl under a rock”, “I’ll go sit by myself and eat a gallon of ice cream”. These thoughts trigger either an action or inaction in the negative direction… We need a mindset shift OR just some plain ole hope!

A short or long cycle…

The motivated crew usually goes out and crushes the workouts and the nutrition plan for a couple weeks sometimes even a couple months… then a multitude of variables derails them regularly only to fall back to the level of their old habits and the cycle continues. Those folks who immediately are downward spiraled by the scale reading… they’ve usually gone through the motivated cycle enough times and not got where they wanted and have become frustrated to the point of no hope.

The major obstacles you face

  • Lack of efficacy
    • If the program you’re doing or have done doesn’t actually produce results, you waste time and energy. Nothing makes you want to stop doing something faster than that.
    • Start with a program with proven success!
  • Lack of recognizing progress
    • Often, you’re doing a program and it’s working but you can’t tell that it’s working. That’s why taking good objective measurements are vital to success, otherwise you might be making great progress and never know it (then believe the program isn’t working see above).
  • Poor Environment
    • Culture and environment is HUGE. You have to be surrounded with people and systems that encourage your growth and change. At the gym… it means no judgement, lots of encouragement. From the staff, from the other members. A facility that turns away negative members and actively cultivates a positive growth and habit changing culture is vital. Environment is at home too… if your spouse is always ordering take out, you’ll need to find a way to improve the home environment.
    • Find your “Forever gym”
  • Boredom (lack of novelty)
    • If you’re bored of what you’re doing (even if it works great) you’ll stop. There are lots of great weight loss programs but the ability to continue to make it the right level of challenge, fun and effective is a balance that must be struck.
  • Lack of motivation
    • All of the above factors can lead to a lack of motivation. Lack of motivation is the number 1 answer when asked what keeps people from their goals. The top way to stay motivated is to set a goal and recognize progress towards that goal. We have several specific tactics that help our clients get and stay motivated.
    • Specific tactics like: Bright Spots and Goal setting sessions.

So you’re under your rock…

It’s time to come out from under your rock… your shame, embarassment, heart break and anger are not serving your goals. We’ve seen it hundreds of times, you’ve tried “everything” and none of it has worked. We have solutions to the obstacles you’re facing and the most common answer when we ask “What would you do differently?” is resoundingly…


Let US take the rock off your back. We’ll start the build the hope back up, you’ll start making progress… All you have to do is tell us a little about your goals and then book a FREE No Sweat Intro!

Brian Zimmerman

Owner- CrossFit Jungle Gym

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