Do you run with pain or tension?

Do you run with pain or tension? Are you unsure why or how it is happening? If you answered yes then this helpful article is for you. Learn more about this nagging problem that is limiting you from enjoying your run and setting new PR’s below!


Is it tightness, lack of range of motion and or overuse of incorrect technique?

1: Does your foot, calf and or quad feel like a solid brick after or during running? If you answered yes then this relates to muscle tightness.

2: Can you squat with your feet shoulder width apart, toes straight forward and to parallel? If no then this may be a lack of range of motion.

3: Do you strike the ground with your heel or mid foot? (Video yourself running) If you answered heel then this relates to overuse of incorrect technique.


Okay so I think I may have found my nagging problem so what now…?

The following steps should be taken in the following order: Asses, Address and Progress!

Asses has been covered at the top now your next step is to address the problem, here are a couple videos that will help…

Answer to #1: Experiencing foot pain?

Answer to #2: Air Squat Tutorial 

Answer to #3: Running Prep Tutorial 


Finally the last thing you need to do is see and feel the progress that you have made so far. Go for the most scenic running route you know and enjoy running again!


Happy running,


Mark Costner

Coach, CrossFit Jungle Gym



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