Do you have the same resolution as last year?

Do you have the same resolution as last year? Or maybe as the last 5 years?

If you do it probably means you didn’t accomplish it… so what is going to be different this year? You’re going to get help!

We know what it takes to be successful in fitness. Here are some tips to getting your resolution rolling and on the right foot.

  1. Set up a support network– Alert family and friends to your goals and tell each person how they can help you most.
  2. Pick your #1– the one person who will talk you off the ledge and hold you accountable to your goals.
  3. Change your environment- the things and people who helped you get where you are may not be the same things and people who will get you where you want to go. Commit to changing by upgrading your environment to include the things, activities and people who are where you want to be.
  4. Prepare to learn- there will be failings but you will learn and refine your approach to accomplishing your goals.
  5. Hire a coach- a coach with experience accomplishing specific goals will be able to highlight your success, guide your next steps, hold you accountable to your actions (they will be your temporary number one!).

Is your resolution below?


Happy New Year and best of luck with your resolutions! We’re right here if you need us!


Brian Zimmerman

Owner- CFJG



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