CrossFit Jungle Gym is a Level Method Gym

CFJG uses the Level Method

Why use the Level Method?

The Level Method draws a clear line to fitness progression… achieve this before moving on to that. It sets forth some basic but necessary safety rules around strength. It will help your coaches give you the best instruction possible. 

Affect on class programming?

We’ve been programming effective workouts in the group setting and the individual setting for over 10 years, we know what works. What the LM will allow us to do is to have an easy way to analyze where the entire gyms fitness level lies and better be able to program for the group. When we improve programming all participants get better faster.

How do I utilize the Level Method…

The Level Method system is part of your membership at CFJG. To utilize it you must have a Level Method profile. You can creat your account at: using our gym code: junglegym. Once you’ve created your account you’ll be able to log your results as you complete testing. Once all testing is complete on your dashboard you will see an overall ranking and energy system based ranking!



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