CrossFit Conversations During the Holidays

Over the next few weeks many of us will be at numerous holiday functions….company parties, friend’s houses, family extravaganzas, etc.  As CrossFitters we are always wanting to talk CrossFit…but how do you bring it up??? 

There is always the.. “So have you heard about this thing called CrossFit”, but then that just turns into… “Oh there he goes again…” 

There has to be a better way to transition into CrossFit talk….so try these… 

  1. When hanging ornaments, compliment your family on their depth of squat while getting those bottom ornaments hung… 
  2. As you see a chef or your Uncle Marty taking the drumstick off the turkey, discuss internal vs. External rotation and which will remove the drumstick faster… 
  3. When someone gets an Amazon gift card, discuss the Top 10 things you can buy (see Coach Eric’s List). 
  4. At one of the sit down dinners, ask someone to pass the green bean casserole.  Discuss how that fits into a Zone diet plan. 
  5. When you see someone at the mall carrying numerous bags in each hand to their car compliment on their excellent farmer’s carry. 
  6. When someone talks about the new year, new decade, new you….ok, then you can just say “Have you ever heard about thing called CrossFit…” 

What’s your go to “CrossFit conversation starter?

James Grbac

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Head CrossFit Teens Coach


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