CrossFit Classes

Want to improve strength? Need to lose body fat? Do you want to be more healthy? Is your goal to win the championship next season? Then CrossFit Jungle Gym is for you!

CrossFit is designed to improve your overall fitness.

Our classes at CFJG allow for multiple participants (~8 in an average class) to join in workouts together. Each class involves a warm up, skill time in which you learn and practice functional movements and finishes off with a great workout. All of this under the watchful eye of an expert coach!

CrossFit Jungle Gym Classes will allow you to receive valuable feedback from coaches while also enjoying the commraderie of a class setting. Classes are made up of weightlifting, gymnastics and cardio movements in a variety of combinations. Athletes will learn to squat, press, pull and build a great base of fitness.

Our expert coaching staff will help you get the most of each workout to help you towards your goals. If you're new to CrossFit you'll definitely want to start with our 101 Program to learn the basics and more which will make your class experience even more valuable. Now it is time to schedule some time to meet with a coach to talk about your goals, book a No Sweat Intro below!

Sit down with one on one with a coach to see if CF classes are right for you…

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