Published January 2, 2015

Vanessa Zimmerman

Owner, CrossFit Coach, Nutrition Coach

Vanessa has always been an athlete and lived an active lifestyle.  Vanessa is also the youngest of five, which attributes to her spunky and competitive spirit. Vanessa believes that being strong in both mind and body gives power to healthy decisions. She has worked in the fitness industry for over twelve years and has seen many fad diets, fake promises for results and almost every workout routine imaginable. After starting CrossFit Vanessa asked herself why she didn’t start CrossFitting sooner! CrossFit continues to challenge her to be a stronger woman and makes anything seem possible! She loves coaching because it allows the opportunity to use her endless amounts of energy to positively affect and empower members of all ages; whether shaping the lives of youth or rebuilding the lives of adults. “CrossFit has given me the best gift of all. It is an outlet for my passion, the confidence in my day to day, and the ability to empower our members and most effectively improve their fitness aka QUALITY OF LIFE! Every day, I work to give thanks back to the CrossFit community, and I can assure you that CrossFit will change your life for the better both inside and outside of the gym.”



CrossFit Level 2
CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Kids
CrossFit Movement and Mobility
FuBarbell Platform Ready
BirthFit Seminar
BS Biology Ramapo College


CrossFit Games Open top 250 in Northeast Region


Affiliate Owner
CrossFit Coach
Personal Trainer
Nutritional Counselor

Favorite Named WOD: “Nancy”

“Nancy, doesn’t get enough love, the combination of a highly challenging movement at lightweight and high reps, matched with arguably the nastiest track event… simple, effective and eye opening!”

Hobbies: Vanessa enjoys helping other people, hanging out with her family and spending time outdoors.


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