Published October 30, 2019

Tommy Markov

Nutrition Coach

As a Nutrition Coach I focus on whole food and functional nutrition, metabolism, sports performance, stress management, disease prevention, weight loss and supplementation. I specialize in educating my clients on how to optimize their health, performance and functioning, while being able to continue to eat delicious and nutrient-dense foods. I am deeply committed to empowering you to reach your fitness goals and take your health and your life to the next level.

I became a Health and Nutrition Coach because I too struggled with managing my food cravings, weight gain, poor lifestyle habits and low self-esteem. I was tired of going to doctors who only wanted to put me on medications to manage my blood sugar, cholesterol and chronic pain.

I immersed myself in health, nutrition and all things weight loss to learn how to utilize food as medicine and fuel, not as entertainment for my taste buds (which is what got me into this mess in the first place).

That's when everything changed for me. Over the course of just over one year, I lost over 80 lbs, felt more energetic and happier than I had been in years. I like myself today. I enjoy being able to go hours between meals without worrying about cravings.

Once I got to this place and felt how amazing the transformation felt, I knew my journey had to be in helping people who were in a similar position. Everything I learned and that has worked for me, I now teach my amazing clients

With nutrition as the foundation of CrossFit, it is my mission to provide you with the precise foods you need to support your performance level, fuel your muscle growth and shred that fat right so you can break through that plateau and crush your fitness goals. Together, we will be focusing on precisely the right foods you need to activate you fat burning machinery, as well as the right foods to eat for maximum protein absorption at every meal.

As I get to know you, your daily habits and your obstacles, I will provide you with targeted and optimal CrossFit nutrition coaching for explosive results and sustainable changes. I assess each athlete individually and create a highly customized nutrition strategy that will not only increase your performance, but also revv up your metabolism and support your lean muscle mass to reach your fitness goals faster. If you are ready to put the work in, the only question I have for you is........How fast are you ready to reach your goals?

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