Coach… why has there been so many _______ in the workouts lately?

This morning someone asked "Hey coach, why has there been so many pistols in the workouts lately?". This questions gets atleast once a month about one movement or another. This morning it happened to be on our third pistol workout this month, among several warm ups that included pistols or pistol progressions.

So why train the same lift or movement multiple times over a short period of time? The consistency of doing that movement allows us to make very specific but small adjustments that can move us towards the successful completion of that first rep. If we’ve buillt a new range of motion or more strength then we can ride that wave of momentum into the next session we use that movement again. We commonly bias the class programming to help a group of athletes successfully acquire a new movement or skill, doing so will allow for a new more intense stimulus in future training sessions that will help us further our fitness!



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