What's the single thing you can do to make your staff happier and healthier, miss fewer days, and work better together? Group Exercise.

CrossFit Jungle Gym can bring movement to your workplace, or bring your staff to ours! Our workouts are novel, fun, and challenging: the perfect environment for team building. 

CrossFit Jungle Gym has been building strength, confidence, perseverance and teamwork in Hamilton since May 2011. Our fun team has led group many workouts for teams and organizations and hosted others at CrossFit Jungle Gym.

  • Book our onsite Health and Wellness Seminar... for FREE
  • Have CFJG come take your staff through an Onsite Health and Nutrition Challenge... $30/person
  • Bring your corporate group to CFJG and get your own Private Group Training!



You know your athletes need to stay fit in the off-season. A team that’s fit has a huge advantage. Athletes who train at CrossFit Jungle Gym are ALWAYS ahead of their teammates…and the opposition.

CrossFit Jungle Gym coaches have been training youth athletes and teams for over 10 years. Our methods are constantly evolving to provide the most effective, safe and fun experience for soccer players.

  • Book our Onsite Performance Eating Seminar... FREE.
  • Have CFJG coaches run an Athlete Combine and Challenge... $20/athlete
  • Bring your team in for Private Group Training at CrossFit Jungle Gym!