Chris Quigley: Man of Transformation

Chris holds up an old pair of pants to show off his transformation made possible through fitness and nutrition.
May 12, 2020

Chris describes his transformation after the First 60 Days:

Chris at the completion of his First 60 Days! He started in September 2018

I came in here on the first day and I did the benchmark workout… I made the run and got through the squats and the push-ups and then I tapped out. Today I did the entire workout, the same exact workout in 9:58.

Once I started going to (group) classes about a month in, I came in one morning and the workout was to run four miles. I thought coach Brian might modify it for me when I told him that it had been a long time since I had run 4 miles. He just kind looked at me and said, “Okay. Let’s make it happen.” I didn’t get the four miles in the forty minute time cap, but I got three and a half, which is over a 5k. So there I was, four or five weeks in, and I did a 5k when I thought it might take me three or four months to get back to that.

I wish I had started earlier. It’s intimidating to start and I was very nervous about starting, but once I got going I started seeing the results three or four weeks in.

I knew when I started this, trying to get back and trying to seriously get back in shape and get some of my fitness back wasn’t something I could do myself. There were some of those workouts in the beginning that I easily would have quit if you would let me. And certainly if I had been at home trying to do this in my basement or something. I absolutely would have stopped. I certainly would not be where I am today. Many of the people in the classes have been great too. I’m certainly not the fastest and strongest in any of the classes and I think everyone is very supportive there. They’re always cheering me on to finish and people kind of wait around until I’m done and that feels good because you know everyone’s got your back.

What about the transformation in his nutrition?

Completed the 5 week Nutrition Challenge on May 15th 2019

Commenting on a 5-week nutrition challenge that ignited a 5 lb weight loss in one month’s time after an initial drop in body weight of 20-25 lbs:

It was just a lot of changes that I could manage. I was looking for something to get it (the weight loss) started again. I’m happy because like I said earlier it was done in a completely manageable way.

The transformation and progress continues!

Chris’ Goal setting session January 13th, 2020

When I first came here it was because I was incredibly out of shape and overweight. I was looking for ways to change that and the first 60 day program that I’d read about online with the personal training and the personalized attention, I thought it was a great way to get myself back up and going again.

What advice would Chris give to someone that is starting out like he did?

I think you just come in. You…get in the door, talk to the coaches, get your program, and all you have to do is just keep coming through the door because they’ve (the coaches) got it for you. Once you’re here you’ll do the workout you’ll see the success. It will be great. You’ll feel much better about yourself.


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