CrossFit Jungle Gym is looking for coaches!

Does your job suck?

Do you wonder if what you are doing matters?

Is it boring? Stressful?


Quit working at a sucky job that doesn't matter and come check out our Coaching position at CrossFit Jungle Gym, our gym in Hamilton, NJ.


I put together a quick video to explain the position.



We're looking for a person who wants to help people, cares about customer service, has a ton of energy, and pays attention to details.

You'll be doing things like greeting clients, leading classes, producing an engaging environment and changing the lives of our members daily.

The job will be 8-14 hours per week to start at $16-$24/hr. You'll work Mon-Friday evenings and be able to grow the role to whatever you make it to be. Motivated and successful people will be given more responsibility, more hours, and more pay. We are looking for someone who wants to be with us for a while and is willing to learn.

Experience is not as important as a desire to learn, lots of energy/charisma, and a passion for fitness and helping people.


Some of the cool things about our company are:

- You'll only work with fun, interesting people (business owners, doctors, teachers, cancer researchers, etc). We don't like working with jerks, so we don't let them join.

- You get to be part of a team making a difference. . .we've had people lose 100 lbs, recover from major injuries, and do things they never thought they'd do before.

- You get to work in a small business. . .no corporate mandates or crazy arbitrary rules. You'll work with the owners and decision makers directly

- You get to have a say. Once you are familiar with what's going on, you will be free to make suggestions and changes to help make things better

- Free membership! Need to get in shape? You'll be able to train for free!

- Flexible schedule! You'll be working evenings, which leaves flexibility during the days. You’ll have more opportunities to cover other classes as well.


Have you ever heard the saying -- "You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with?"


Spend time with amazing people and you will become amazing. Spend time with a bunch of ________ and you’ll be a ________. You get they idea! Our team is made up of people who genuinely care about others, who have decided that a "corporate job" isn't for them and decided to pursue their passions to work for CrossFit Jungle Gym.

These are the kind of people you need in your life!



Apply now!


We look forward to hearing from you.