Can you get 6 pack abs from running?

So you want 6 pack abs…

Can you get 6 pack abs from running? That depends on one key thing, what are you running to or from.  If you are running to the fridge or to McDonald’s then probably not.  If you are running away from a sensible diet, then those abs might not show.   

The “6 pack” abs, can be done on pretty much any exercise plan, the key is what you do along with your exercise.  The key to the six pack is not found in the gym, out on trail run, riding a bike, etc.  It’s found in the kitchen.   

What we put in our bodies, “the fuel”, is the key to when we exercise.  The better fuel (protein, carbohydrates, and fats) the better we’ll perform.  If we put too much fuel in our bodies, we’ll store the extra as body fat.  When we start to burn more than we take in is when we start use up that extra fat, and the “abs” will start to show up if we continue to use up the stored energy.

How much running will you have to do?

The obvious answer is… it depends.


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