Building Trust

Build strong relationships starting with trust.

The importance of building strong relationships and trust. Standing up for you people.

When I was a child I grew up in an area where the families that made up our community were all “different”. Some families consisted of single mothers, some were led by grandmas and grandpas, our skin colors weren’t the same, many times the language we spoke at home varied amongst families, but for me as a young child this was my norm.

In our community relationships were important. One mother would do basketball drop off, the other would do pick up. One mother had to work late so the other mother would cook dinner. One mother wanted to try and have somewhat of a social life, so the other mother had the kids for a sleep over etc. As a child, our community very much took the “all hands on deck” approach to raising us children. One day our dishwasher needed repairs. The repair man stopped by after school and like always after school the neighbor kids were over at our house and I was cooking fo them. I remember being in the kitchen and the repari man saying to me “Does your mother know you have all these **(a derogotory term that was supposed to be identifying my friends) running around her house?” I couldn’t even believe what I was hearing. We will leave it at… this man was immediately asked to leave and never welcomed back into our home. Although, I started this off by saying that us families were “different” I only meant on face value. The important thing to note is we were more the “same” then we were “different”. The best gifts in life are the relationships we form. Building strong bonds and stand up for those bonds is a vital part of our well being. There are countless rewards that come from building healthy relationships with others. One of the reasons why we created our facility was because we wanted to be surrounded by likeminded people who wanted to work hard. We wanted one place in this world where “different” didn’t exist and everyone was welcomed!

Our facility strives to be a place where people can come and form healthy relationships that benefit everyone. Some people say, “their gym is just a gym, ya know? It facilitates making better athletes”. At CFJG we are proud that our facility not only makes better athletes, but focuses on making us all better people.



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