About CrossFit Jungle Gym

Our mission is to enrich the lives of our members and our community, through training.


Belonging: We will find a place for you on this team, if you bring something to the team.

Perseverance: We will find a way to succeed, no matter what.

Fun in challenge: We can and should have fun doing good work.

No limits: We will not place limits on anyone. The only limits there are... are the ones you set on yourself.

Give more than you take: We like to give when we can and when we can we will.

Honesty: We will be honest, because we care about you.

Support: We will coach you to your physical and emotional limitations, after all you are not a robot.

Trust: We will stand up for you, even when you might

Use influence for good: We will use our influence to do good, we understand our role as leaders in the community.

Share success with others: We will share the pie. We enjoy sharing our time, knowledge and reinvesting in our mission.

Take time to listen: We keep our lines of communication open… we take the time to listen. Understanding you will help us serve you better.

Speak to the audience: We will speak to you in a way that you can understand to get the most of your training.


CrossFit Jungle Gym's values were born through the experiences of the owners during their lives. The values built by those experiences manifest themselves everyday in the actions of coaching staff and the actions of the facility as a whole. CrossFit Jungle Gym's core values are what seperate us from everyone else, a unique collection of experience that yield and incredible environment for successful training, personal growth and a growing community of great people.


Welcome to CrossFit Jungle Gym!