Obstacle Course Race Training



 CrossFit Jungle Gym coaches will take athletes through this 8 week program to help participants gain the skills and fitness needed to complete an obstacle course. Athletes will learn to traverse 8 different obstacles common on the courses and gain basic understanding on how to prepare for race day. Registration is limited to 10 athletes.


 This program is specifically designed to prepare someone to dominate their next obstacle course race. Athletes can expect to learn how to traverse the most common obstacles in addition to building a solid base of general fitness under the guidance of the areas most experienced coaches and OCR athletes.


 -Warm Up

 -Obstacle Skill

-Skill Practice

-Workout (skill application under race like conditions)


 Our next program will be running for 8 weeks beginning Tuesday April 18th at 7pm and running each Tuesday until June 6th. This program is in preparation for Savage Race on June 17th!


 *Registration is limited to 10 athletes!

**Enter promo code CFJG8WEEK for a 50% discount on this program!


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