5 Ways to Become a Better Soccer Player

 5 Ways to Become the Best Soccer Player

Take an offseason

It’s important to have time away from the same repetitive movements that your sport requires. Offseason doesn’t mean doing nothing, it means doing something different.

Train to be an athlete

Off season- go all in on becoming a better athlete training 4-6x week. Have a plan for improving each of the 10 General Physical Skills, if you know that one area is weak, strengthening that skill will improve your Athletic GPA the fastest!

Pre season- spend time getting your fitness up to par by continuing to train the same way you have all off season but do less(3x week) for example trade out the hour of training for your hour of sports skills… hopefully you’ve been training otherwise you’re spending a lot of pre season time sore. Practice your sport specific skills.

In season- maintain and improve your fitness with well rounded low risk training. You’re not trying to hit PR’s or learn too many new skills but should still be training 2x per week. Your sport season and practices should be taking care of all sport related skills and training.

Practice skills

Practicing skills improves coordination, balance, accuracy and agility. These skills don’t require a lot of physical abuse but are more about establishing movement patterns between the brain and musculature. 10 perfect reps is better then 100 OK reps. You can practice sport skills during the off season to keep them fresh, but you don’t have to do much. Just enough to keep the movement pattern fresh in your brain’s memory (10 reps of 3 skills a day for example)

Play other sports

One of the best way to being a great athlete is to play other sports that help develop and hone some of the same and different skills than your favorite sport requires. Your general athleticism will thank you, practicing to learn new skills in another sport will keep your brain from becoming stale and will keep your body and mind prime for becoming a better athlete.

Eat to support your training and sport

Protein: You have to have protein in your diet. It is the building block of all the quality structures in your body.

Eat real carbohydrates: Avoid breads, pastas and grains whenever possible, these foods cause metabolic derangement that isn’t going to help you reach your athletic potential

Eat lean meat, vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar.


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