101 Program



The 101 Program consists of 8 classes covering the foundational elements for success including:

  • CrossFit fundamental movements and skill development to ensure safety.
  • Training basic concepts and best practices with a focus on the importance between health and performance in relation to consistent training, nutrition, mobility, hydration, and rest.

*The 101 Program will take place over a four week span. Attendance at all 8 sessions is important in order to ensure that new members have the required basic knowledge to advance into regular CrossFit Group classes.

*101 Classes are limited to a total of 8 participants to ensure all members are receiving the necessary attention. $200

You can register and reserve your spot in our next 101 Program here!

2 Responses to 101 Program

  1. Charisse M says:

    I am most definitely going to do it not for anyone but myself

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