101 Program

The 101 Program is eight classes designed to take a rank beginner or CrossFit veteran to a new level of fitness, and prepare them for long term success at CrossFit Jungle Gym. During the your 101 Program you will be taught:

  • Movement principles which make learning new movements easy
  • About the most common CrossFit movements
  • Basic nutrition as it relates to your goals
  • Discussion about what we are trying to accomplish based on a measurable, observable and repeatable data.

The 101 Program will takes place over a four week span. Attendance at all eight sessions is important in order to ensure that new members have the required basic knowledge to advance into regular CrossFit Group classes. The 101 Program is required for beginners and is highly recommended for athletes coming from other CF gyms as well because it is a good chance to get to know a coach/athlete in a smaller group setting and is helpful in long term success. 101 Classes are limited to a total of eight participants to ensure all members are receiving the necessary attention. GET REGISTERED TODAY!

2 Responses to 101 Program

  1. Charisse M says:

    I am most definitely going to do it not for anyone but myself

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